Having mice in offices and commercial premises is a nuisance. The dangers involved are more than unimaginable.  

Mice tend to manoeuvre their way inside for different reasons. These could include: 

All those reasons are valid. However much it is ideal to take care of animals, the harm they cause is a major cause for alarm. Below are the dangers they may cause. 

Tampering with electrical insulationIt is very easy to have fires in your commercial establishments. They could emanate from mice which have gnawed electrical wires. Electrocution may occur on the pieces of wood, leading to unwarranted fires. 

Destruction of paperwork: Mice need raw materials to build their nests. There is nowhere else in your office they could get the materials other than from files and other cardboards. You can lose lots of valuable data from them. 

Outbreak of diseasesmice harbour lots of diseases. The situation gets worse when you have been bitten by a mouse and failed to get immediate medication. The diseases comprise Rat-bite fever Salmonella and  Hantavirus. 

In the office or commercial premises, you can inhale air contaminated with Hantavirus.  

Air pollution: Natural death eventually occurs after the end of a mouse’s lifespan. The stench arising from the dead rat is unbearable when staying in the office.  

This eventually lowers employees’ productivity as they struggle to breathe in purer air. The problem becomes more severe when locating the exact dead rat is. It could take weeks to clear the mess. 

Spreading of lice to people: Mice, like other most wild animals harbour lice. The way they spread lice to people could look queer, but it is worthy knowing how. For example, you may hang your coat on your seat as you freshen up outside. A mouse can pass by, and land on your coat. 

If it had been infected by lice, your coat will be left with some. Getting wind of the menace will take you days if not weeks. 

Rampant multiplication of rats: Mice really multiply fast. In an office or a commercial premise, all factors to their multiplication work on their favour. The silence during the night makes their stay comfy and enjoyable. 

They will tend to gnaw stationery and drink any available water. Their multiplication rate will definitely be alarming. 

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