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Edmonton Exterminator is based in Edmonton, Alberta, and has been in business for years, gathering a lot of experience in the field that is required for effective pest termination. We have been providing unbeatable pest extermination services at low prices in Canada. We pride ourselves on getting the job done right the first time so the customers do not have to worry about any insects or pests on their property. Our goal is to be the best pest control Service Company that really delivers. Our customers get quality work done at fraction of the cost compared to the market. We have a team of highly dedicated professionals who are well trained in the field and have mastered the service of eradicating wide range of pests including Rats, mice, termites, bees, wasps, cockroaches, pigeons, and more. Our pest experts know the value of time, thus offer punctual services and work in a way so as to protect your property from any damage.

As Pest Exterminator, we offer full range of pest, rodent and bug control services that is able to control all your pest problems for Residential, Commercial and industrial properties. We offer highly effective treatments for all pests and insects providing riddance from them in homes and also offering prevention programs on commercial properties such as offices, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores and hospitals across Alberta. Our service area includes Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Beaumont, Leduc, and Stony Plain, Alberta. We believe that good quality is not necessarily associated with high cost. Thus, we work towards providing our customers with best pest management solutions at affordable prices. We also acknowledge that it is highly important to sustain our environment, therefore we practice environmentally responsible pest control techniques using eco-friendly products where necessary. You will not be disappointed with our pest removal services. Our highly trained and credential employees have been trained well and are well knowledgeable when it comes to pest management methods. Our services are designed to provide our customers satisfaction and ease of mind by ridding them of all their pest problems. We can offer detailed information about our pest control methods and incorporate truthful and ethical advertising. Our services begin with a thorough inspection of the site or the establishment to assess the level of severity and to understand better which method will work best towards the situation. Once assessment has been done, conclusion is reached and a termination plan is devised keeping in mind the severity of pest infestation as well as the physical layout of the establishment and not to forget the budget of the customer. Once the termination is successful, methods are used to prevent infestation in future, and barriers are set up in situations that require barrier installation.

At Edmonton Exterminator, we can offer you the best pest removal services and cheap pest extermination products to suit all your pest terminator needs. Our friendly and affordable pest eradication services coupled with effective pest removal products has empowered us to build a reputation in Alberta market as one of the best Pest Removal Companies in the industry. With years of experience under our belts, we guarantee that our customers with be satisfied with the service provided that comes only with the level of commitment and knowledge that we have to offer. By hiring Edmonton Exterminator for all your pest termination and removal needs, you can be assured that you will receive the best customer service that is effective and uses environmentally friendly methods.

We are a licensed and insured professional pest management company that offers low cost pest control solutions for not only residential establishments, but also integral pest management services for commercial and industrial establishments. We are pest control specialists in Canada. We specialize in Pigeon Control, cockroach, rats, mice control, bed bug removals and other rodent extermination. Feel free to call us anytime for more information on our pest extermination services in Edmonton and its surrounding areas.

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Pest Infestation can become a larger problem if it is not controlled in time. As Edmonton Pest Exterminator and experts in the field, we have the knowledge to deal with bugs and pests in a way so that they are removed and eradicated from your property in a way that they do not return. Our team has professional exterminators that have been working in the market for years and do the best they can to ensure customers get what they want and deserve.